Stefanie Hernandez
​Stefanie Hernandez, her husband Estuardo and her daughter Valeria are the owners and creators of Decofest, a young company, but with a lot of talent and enthusiasm; with the desire to transform the field of training and take it to another level.
With innovative and modern ideas but without leaving the fundamental bases of this business, we offer our clients the best possible experience, so that the date they want to celebrate and share with their loved ones becomes a memorable day and impossible to forget as much for them as for their guests, don't worry more about the stress of organizing an event or entertainment, because the special dates are to enjoy them leave everything in the hands of our experts. There is nothing more important than the family, that is why Decofest is 100% based on it, and this is how we have an incredible team and the result is reflected in the quality of our work, that we do with a lot of effort, but, above all, with dedication and passion.
Stefanie is our face Painting artist, a young, enterprising, creative woman with a lot of talent, with a friendly and enthusiastic personality;Mother and lover of children; Who has been instructed taking courses in child psychology. Following these standards we have qualified that is the right person to give the children the best experience the greatest entertainment of all. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, tall, short or even old because you will have tons of fun. Stefanie welcomes you to a world where you can be whatever you want to be. Encourage creativity in the young with an extensive catalog with vibrant colors and unique shapes. We guaranty a perfect smile in every single guest of your parties. And the best part of all is that there is no age limit because Stefanie also specializes in belly and body paint. 
​​For more information visit the contact section. We are sure once you get to experience it you won’t hesitate to do it again. And remember, the best service at the best price is what we always have.