Stefanie Hernandez

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  1. How many kids do you Paint per hour?
    Face painting: 12 to 15 kids depending on the design each children chooses. Glitter tattoos: up to 15 in an hour.
  2. How far do I travel?
    I serve in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia (NOVA), Maryland areas and surrunding suburbs.
  3. How forms of payment do you accept?
    Bank checks to the order of Stefanie Hernandez, and cash (exact quantity, I am not always having change).
  4. How much do you charge?
    Decorations: We have different services and packages, the prices vary depending on how elaborate the decoration is. Face painting & glitter tattoos: Prices are different depending on the location, services being offered, number of guests, and amount of time. Contact me for a quote: you can find my contact information in the main menu.
  5. When and how is payment expected?
    Payment is expected and preferred at the beginning of your event (when we arrive), That way you can attend your guests, etc. and no worry at the end of the service. but you can pay at the end if you choose. Please have the money ready and exact quantity, I am not always having change. As I usually have other parties to attend and do not have extra time to wait for you to make out the check. Make checks for the entertainment payable to: "Stefanie Hernandez".
  6. Am I supposed to tip?
    Tips are always appreciated, but not expected. If we for that matter, does an exceptional job, it's perfectly acceptable to tip us.
  7. Can adults get their face painted too?
    Of course, I usually paint kids first and if I do not have a line, parents are definitely welcomed to get painted.
  8. What kind of face paint and supplies do I use?
    Paint brands are one of the most important thing to the professional face painter. I use only high quality, non- toxic, hypoallergenic and FDA approved paints and body art supplies. We do not use acrylic paints. Pregnant Bellies (Gestational Art)
  9. Belly painting
    is usually done between 27 to 40 weeks when the belly is nice and hard. It usually takes up to 1hour depending on the design. I use only paints that have FDA approved ingredients. Choose your own design or email me your ideas so we can create a unique and beautiful design specifically for you. There is no harm from the paint to the baby, so you don't have to worry. You can usually sit comfortably while it's done. You can do it by rolling up your shirt, or if you prefer, less clothes.